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As a sculptor, Simon Allison is best known for his large outdoor works. These are hewn from wood and stone, combined with metal and placed in the landscape where they take on a sense of “belonging”. There is little doubt he is deeply influenced by his New Zealand origins.

For many years, Simon has headed an extremely successful bronze foundry. This expertise helps him to produce fountains which are simple in their concept, visually striking and technically demanding.

Taking plants such as the common brassica, hosta, rhubarb, flaxes and many tropical species, Simon and his team use precision bronze casting to reproduce the extraordinary detail of these gloriously sculptural plants. The subtle introduction of water cascading, trickling and dancing off the leaves brings these creations to life.

Fountains For Private Gardens

Simon Allison’s fountains are a special feature in private gardens, from modest town courtyards to large rural estates. These fountains bring to the gardens a certain tranquillity, with trickling or gushing water, and are also a unique visual experience. If you don’t already have a pond or pool then design and installation of a bespoke one for your location can be undertaken. The installation of stonework, pump systems and lighting is also all completed by the experienced team.


Corporate and Public Sector Fountains

These stylish fountains help to enhance the workplace and create congenial working environments for people. They are considered to be an artistic sculptural statement in the corporate atrium or public place, where they also bring the tranquillity induced by moving water.

We always work closely with the existing environment and use a full range of materials including bronze, steel, stone, glass, silver and copper. 

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